Chlorogenic Acid

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Chlorogenic Acid – Weight Loss And Many Other Health Benefits

There is much talk about Chlorogenic Acid and its benefits for weight loss. While it is very true this highly effective and extremely powerful polyphenol anti-oxidant does wonders for weight loss, it also helps with other areas of your health.

Details of this acidChlorogenic Acid

Raw coffee beans are the most abundant plant source of this acid. This is why green coffee bean extract formulas and supplements are having such a great success in the weight loss market.

Please do not think you can start to drink copious amounts of fresh coffee made from coffee beans. The beans you will be using are brown, and are simply green coffee beans which have been roasted. The problem is that this roasting process takes out most of the compounds which are beneficial when it comes to weight loss.

In terms of the green beans once this acid enters your body it works by telling your liver to halt the release of glucose into your blood stream. The liver obeys this command, but your body naturally counters it by going to your stored fat, and using the glucose content in these fat cells for energy.

Although this is quite a complicated process it basically speeds up your body’s metabolism. When your metabolism is increased it speeds up your weight loss.

Additional benefits

You will also find that Chlorogenic Acid helps to prevent the absorption of fats in your body, and triggers the metabolism of fat in your liver. Both of these are highly efficient ways of helping you to reduce your weight.

This acid is also responsible for kick-starting a natural bodily process which benefits you. It is known as:


As the name suggests this is related to

your body temperature, and is your body’s natural reaction to heating up or cooling down. When this process is initiated it will help you to burn fat and thus lose weight.

When you get hotter or cooler there is a change in your body temperature. This makes your body’s natural defences kick in to bring your body back to its normal temperature. To do this it has to use extra energy. It gets this extra energy from stored fat in the body’s fat cells.

An example of thermo

genisis in action

When you eat spicy food or a hot pepper most people will begin to sweat. This is because your body thinks it is getting hotter, even though in actual fact it is not.

Because it thinks it is getting too hot your blood vessels begin to dilate. This process causes you to sweat and use up additional energy. So you body naturally begins to produce more energy and in doing so uses up more calories.

Make sure you choose

a good quality formula

The popularity of weight loss formulas containing this acid has exploded and you now have a wide choice. Please take time out to understand exactly what you are getting for your money. You want a minimum of 45-50% Chlo

rogenic Acid in each serving and the rest of the ingredients should be all-natural. You do not want or need any additives.



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